Cold Weather, Hot looks

It’s almost the end of the year so what better thing to do when the holidays are here? Take some cute pictures! The best photos for the Gram are the ones that embody Glam and Crystal Heart’s Deja Vu palette is the one you’ll definitely be hoping is under that Christmas Tree this time around.  Mixed with neutral shades and pigmented alternatives, your makeup will be a gift to all once you pick up that brush and blend these beautiful colors together!
Christmas is all bout the reds and shimmers, just like this palette! This palette allows you to create a vast choice of shadows from the dark intensity of both the lovely Burgundy alongside the rich void of Black Diamond to the warmth tones of Dorado and Sage. Speaking of the holidays, why not holiSLAY and make a Christmas themed look using these shadows? Impress everyone at the dinner table with your complex eyes and beauty by picking up a palette and one as a gift for a friend this holiday season!