Whether you’re sporting a pale face or sun-kissed skin, we have the perfect palette for your skin tone that will contour, sculpt, and define your look. It’s a powder texture that provides a matte finish through four universally flattering shades. In our Déjà vu Eye and Cheek Palette, you’ll find shimmery shades for a heavenly highlight, but the finely milled powders give your skin a glow, not a glitter.

We’re proud to produce the perfect all-in-one tool that will define your face and complete your complexion. Crystal Hearts Déjà Vu Eye and Cheek Palette feature 14 shades that can all be blended together to create a stunning look. Five classic matte shades, three hues for transitional color and contouring, one blush, and five shimmers are all available under on stylish palette. Below is how you can use these hues to reshape your nose, bring out your cheekbones, and sculpt your face like a pro.


If the thought of putting powder that is two shades darker than your makeup scares you, the Silk nude color is a safe alternative. Define your features subtly and naturally with highly concentrated pigments that seamlessly blend into your skin. The gorgeous grey undertone will leave you with a light shadow rather than a full-blown sculpt.

Crystal Moonlight

Crystal moonlight is a light pink generally used for individuals with darker skin tones or even olive tones to help neutralize pesky problems such as under eye circles. The fairy dust-colored pink helps brighten eyes, highlight cheekbones, and sculpt the brow, creating an overall majestic look.


Our sexy satin shade is the perfect concealer after you’ve neutralizes blemishes like dark circles and redness. Due to the high-pigment color, Satin helps your contour last all day and night. It’s incredibly blendable, non-greasy, and work amazing on all skin types. Whether you’re concealing or contouring, Satin is guaranteed to be a go-to color.

Light Rose

Light Rose’s bold, vibrant tone is often intimidating to users. But, have no fear, add a little pop to the apples of your cheeks and color with flourish naturally and soften your defined look. Contouring with blush is also definitely a thing – you just have to know how to do it! If you want to try contouring with light rose, apply the hue along the top of your cheekbones and blend towards your temple.

Crystal Hearts Déjà Vu Eye and Cheek Palette was designed to help busy boss ladies like you have everything they need for a stylish look, all in one compact palette. With 14 essential shades, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you and whenever it decides to throw it!