Makeup, Take-off!

wear a lot of makeup, like A LOT. Makeup wipes no longer work as they dry out and only drag the makeup off as well as risking the opportunity of skin clogging up my pores which would result to breakout. I used to use Coconut oil to take off my makeup before as I heard through multiple sources that it does, and guess what, well it does but that’s not the issue. Coconut oil is a substance that can harden once cooled down which is an issue with this cold weather. On top of that, having a state of being an oily liquid, coconut oil does not take off with only water which requires more steps and products in order to take off the makeup off of my face.
The Cleansing Sherbet from Crystal Hearts solved all my problems with taking off my makeup because its soft and hydrating substance breaks down my makeup without damaging my skin. Having a light cream that takes off with water is the perfect solution for the removal of the beauty process that one like myself undergoes with makeup. It sort of feels like I am going to the restroom for my nightly facial washes however this allows me to incorporate this step into my makeup removal process which meets my facial cleansing routine thus killing two birds with one stone. This Cleansing Sherbet is stains, smudges, and residues worst nightmare, all while being my favorite makeup remover.



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