🌟 Sale in the Starrs ✨

Guess What?
This past weekend at Starr Beauty, many had the opportunity to participate in all these wild amazing Deals! You may have noticed the neighborhood friendly and oh so welcoming Starr Beauty had a mini cute setup in the center, or better yet should we say heart of the store? 💙
Did the array of balloons catch your attention? Were you in love with the lovely hearts on the table? Weren't the flower pedals so precious around the products? All these decorations were made just for you. ✨ The Deja Vu palette was 35% off with the inclusion of a free eyelash pair of your choice (cause who knows you better than you?) with the submission of one's email for future updates.
Whatcha buy?
Our other amazing deal was both the mini Glacial Water Cleansing Sherbet was a whopping prize of $20.00! We felt like y'all needed either a new lip or maybe a restock of your fave, but ultimately the decision was solely up to you, we just provide 🎁 
Stay tuned for future updates and wild events as such to participate in amazing deals you won't want to miss out! 🌟 #crystalhearts #crystalheartscosmetics #makeup #cosmetics #starr #starrbeauty #beauty #nyx #lashes #lash #eyelash #lipstick #palette