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Smooth like Water, Soft like Love

  🌟 It's January, so you're probably done with overhearing "New Year, New this" or i'm going to start doing "this" for the New Year, but what about the good things from the year before?  Now, winter is officially coming, (despite basically being here since like December but whatever) so our skin is in peril more than ever! Our skin is deeply affected by the cold weather that it can lead up to dry, cracked, busted skin, or possible other mistreatments. Having said, our skin is very delicate this time of the year but who's to say that's going to stop us from looking as fierce as ever? 🌟 🌟 Makeup application should be no problem, but the take off you...

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Think Fast, #SaleLash

Which one of our fabulous fluffies will be joining you for the new year? Do you see yourself being besties with Tracey, Gwen or Frida? How about going our shopping, are you gonna take Eva, Cecilia or Laura/ Don’t forget about Soriada and Rachel too, and don’t sleep on Vera! See which lash came to play this sale and if you take one of them home with you, you’ll be a winner too !✨

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