About Crystal Hearts

Hello Goddess!

Welcome to our journey. Crystal Hearts Cosmetics started with a dream. Be the goddess you want to be with Crystal Hearts Cosmetics. With our stunning cosmetics, your uniqueness will shine. Crystal Hearts Cosmetics will take your beauty to the next level Day or Night. Allow us to join you on your cosmetic adventures.


Our Cosmetics:

At Crystal Hearts we want you to have only the best. Established in September of 2016, Crystal Hearts is proudly made in the USA we also follow EU highest standards and ingredients. Based in sunny Southern California. Our team has a combined thirty plus years in the beauty industry giving us the ability to formulate the best cosmetics for the professional MUA and Makeup enthusiast.  We always make everything with love. Let’s create your next Goddess look!



Crystal Hearts believes in giving back to our community. We partner with various non-profit organizations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Look out for announcements during the year and follow us supporting our community. We at Crystal Hearts are open to hearing what make your heart beat.

Always Made with Love, 

Crystal Hearts Cosmetics